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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Why attend training in at the International Transparency Center rather than in our home nation?

A: The International Transparency Center's total immersion training concept provides more than twice the training content that is achievable in a home nation classroom during the same time period. The entire training schedule avoids the distractions normally inherent in a home nation's ministry or agency setting. Additionally, the total training cost for up to ten ministry or agency staff is nearly half of the cost to conduct similar training in a ministry's or agency's home nation.

Q: Do you offer training in a ministry's or agency's home nation?

A: Yes, special training projects can be established in most home nations subject to security issues. This method does not have the advantages inherent in the immersion training concept, and can be significantly more costly for a ministry or agency. Additionally, training schedules may be difficult to match to home ministry's or agency's needs.

Q: How is the training funded?

A: Training is funded by the home nation or through international donor assistance.


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Transparency Center Benefits
- Prepares Ministry or Agency staffs to contribute to the future development of their organizations
Comprehensive international education and training program designed specifically for capacity building of Ministries and Government Agencies
- Tailored to home nation laws, regulations and culture
- Unique total immersion training provides direct and immediate relevance to agency operations