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Encouraging International Investment

The Case for Transparency and Accountability
Nations that establish fairness, transparency and accountability initiatives and a "transparency culture" encourage international investment while assuring citizens of fair value for their resources and the protection of their environment. Global companies know that the risks of their potential investments are much lower when fairness, transparency and accountability are well established. Companies that know that they will be treated fairly in a competitive environment and will be able to operate according to consistent, fair practices are more likely to consider investments, especially in riskier conflict and post-conflict nations.

The Case for Process Efficiency
Global companies often find national and local laws, regulations and business practices confusing, cumbersome and not aligned with international standards. Compounded by a culture of corruption, the simplest of tasks become time consuming and costly. Nations that create a more favorable climate for global companies while preserving and protecting their resources and norms are more likely to encourage quality investment.

The International Transparency Center's process efficiency model helps to streamline government processes within the local context while incorporating international best practices for transparency and aligning with transparency standards that create further incentives for global investment.


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Transparency Center Benefits
- Prepares Ministry or Agency staffs to contribute to the future development of their organizations
Comprehensive international education and training program designed specifically for capacity building of Ministries and Government Agencies
- Tailored to home nation laws, regulations and culture
- Unique total immersion training provides direct and immediate relevance to agency operations