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Want to Attend an International Transparency Center Course?

Training Schedule
The Program options are offered multiple times each year. We attempt to match training schedules to our clients needs, and may schedule courses for as few as three Associates or as many as twelve  Associates. We do not exceed twelve Associates in each class to ensure that course materials can be tailored to each Associate's home nation's needs.

Curriculum Fees
The curriculum fees in US$ are all inclusive and include:

  • Classroom and laboratory instruction 
  • Course materials including laptop computer and business process engineering tools, transparency tools, Microsoft Office and other software tools 
  • Guest room and meals 
  • Transportation from and to Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina (RDU) - international airfare from home nation to RDU is not included 
  • Daily transportation 
  • Multiple Associates from the same nation are given a 10% reduction in course fees. 

To inquire as to course dates, and course fees:
email us at


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Transparency Center Benefits
- Prepares Ministry or Agency staffs to contribute to the future development of their organizations
Comprehensive international education and training program designed specifically for capacity building of Ministries and Government Agencies
- Tailored to home nation laws, regulations and culture
- Unique total immersion training provides direct and immediate relevance to agency operations