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Building World-Class Transparency to Encourage International Investment

The International Transparency Center offers a comprehensive international education and training program designed specifically for capacity building of transparent governance and operations of ministries and government operating agencies. Our training prepares qualified staff to: 1) integrate world-class transparency, fairness and accountability into ministry and agency operations and establish international transparency standards, 2) design governance and business processes tailored to national laws and regulations and international best practices, 3) establish regulatory oversight of contracts with international and local companies, 4) provide technical services in support of regulatory and oversight operations, and 5) encourage international investment. See curriculum options.

The Transparency Center's Petroleum and Minerals Resource Management Curriculum provides special emphasis on operations of ministries working to promote development of natural resources. See Petroleum and Minerals Resource Management Curriculum.

The International Transparency Center provides a training environment free of distractions of ministry staff from normal daily duties and commitments where the complete training focus is on practical learning and learning "products" that have direct and immediate relevance to ministry operations. The Instructor Team are seasoned professionals with real world experience in the development of ministry and agency capabilities. Course information is based upon "lessons learned" by our International Transparency Advisors and international best practices.  


The International Transparency Center is located in rural Virginia where training Associates are immersed with the Instructor Team for the period of training. Associates are housed and fed as part of the curriculum offering. Curriculum activities include classroom and laboratory activities, and social interaction with Associates often from other nations. Importantly, the laboratory work is based upon each individual Associate’s home ministry’s needs and is matched to the home nation's laws and regulations. Upon completion of the comprehensive courses Associates have a working knowledge and capabilities to contribute to the future development of the home ministry.



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Transparency Center Benefits
- Prepares Ministry or Agency staffs to contribute to the future development of their organizations
Comprehensive international education and training program designed specifically for capacity building of Ministries and Government Agencies
- Tailored to home nation laws, regulations and culture
- Unique total immersion training provides direct and immediate relevance to agency operations